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Key Accomplishments

Turned around Acme, returning company to profitability. Within one year, increased EBITDA $1.6M (130%), grew GP 900 basis points and reduced SG&A by $2.1M (28%). Reduced breakeven point from $23.5M to $16.9M and eliminated all debt, except for revolver.

Entered new channel for Acme, winning exclusive government contracts. Redirected sales to focus on government through partnerships with entitlement groups that have a carve-out or preferred source status. Strategy removed Acme from direct competition with larger players.

Grew Acme sales $26M in 2-years with unique marketing strategy. Recognized a void in the market for premium fashion designer luggage that resonated with contemporary consumers. Developed luggage designed specifically for women. Created a multi-branded, multi-product, multi-price point, multi-channel marketing strategy that increased market share.

Increased annualized revenue from zero to $15M for startup, Acme Jeans. Positioned product, Acme Jeans collection, to bridge between the classic American tradition and urban brands. Successfully implemented strategy, opening 600+ specialty stores in just six months.

Restructured and turned around Acme into an attractive acquisition target. Sales and market share had been declining for five years and company was heavily leveraged with $116M in debt. Reduced operating expenses by $19M and inventories by $21M. Increased gross profit margins by 1.7% and reduced bank debt by $31M. Positioned company for sale. Buyer’s stock more than doubled with record setting earnings in 2002.

Grew sales for The Acme Group 91%, increasing market share from 5.5% to 16%. Created focused strategy of product lateralization. Introduced new product categories and styles. Attained EBITA in excess of 11%, average inventories of less than 75 days, receivables of less than 60 days, and asset turns greater than 3.0. Displaced chief competitor as department store share leader.