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If you're a successful executive or top professional who wants to differentiate yourself
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your services?
Imagemakers is a professional career services “personal branding and marketing" firm specializing in job/career transitions for Executives and high earning professionals.

Who are your clients?
Linda has worked with over eighteen hundred clients from across the U.S. and internationally. They're Executives (C-Level, VPs, Directors and Senior Managers) and other top level professionals representing virtually every industry and role you might find within a company, corporation or organization. Linda's clients include leaders from Fortune 500, mid-size, start-ups, major consulting firms, and some of the world's leading nonprofits.

Do you have specific industry experience?
This is where Linda excels. After 15+ years she's helped thousands of clients in dozens of industries including yours. Give her a call today and talk with her about how she can help you in your industry or with a move to a different one.

Why should I choose Imagemakers?
Simply put, Linda is the very best in the country at her craft. Not content with business as usual Linda has evolved her business and pioneered a personal branding and marketing model for job hunting that provides superior results for her clients. She believes that the difference between obtaining an average position and a great one is 100% determined by how well you brand and market yourself and that's where she helps you excel. She understands that today's challenging job market is perpetually evolving and that what may have worked in the past has been rendered moot in today's modern digital reality. This is why Imagemakers leads the way with cutting edge personal branding and marketing materials, strategies, techniques and technology offerings that are second to none in our industry. Just one conversation and you'll be blown away by Linda's knowledge, talent, customer service and professionalism as well as the transparency in the way that she does business. She welcomes your questions and inquiries because her reputation and integrity are without question, as are her results.

Do you have relationships with recruiters? Yes. Recruiters reach out to Linda when they are running an active search, looking for an ideal candidate. Linda also coaches on effectively identifying and approaching recruiters.

What is your pricing?
Our pricing is straightforward, transparent and an excellent value for our demographic. We offer a wide selection of premium packages all developed to maximize ROI for executives and upper echelon professionals. Give us a call now at 800-546-1543 or email us your resume for more information and your free evaluation & consultation.

Do you offer any type of guarantee?
We offer an interview guarantee. If you don't get interviews within 30 days, we'll rewrite your resume for free.

What is the process?
First you'll have an initial conversation with Linda to determine your career goals, objectives and aspirations. She then has you fill out an easy to complete questionnaire to draw out your assets, transferable skills and accomplishments. She then interviews you again to fill in any gaps and identify any information essential to your personal story. For clients who prefer to forgo the questionnaire, Linda will gather information through the interview only. Linda then develops your personal branding and marketing materials (resumes, bios, letters). You'll edit together - as many iterations as necessary. After final drafts are approved we'll develop your digital profile (LinkedIn, Web Portfolio and Mobile Portfolio App). Finally, she'll coach you through using your new personal marketing tools including our proven job search strategies, interview prep and salary negotiations.

Do you limit access via email or phone calls?
Absolutely not. We're always available to answer any questions you have. We don't limit your access based on timeframes, number of emails or number of calls. We're here to help you succeed in your job search.

What is your turnaround time?
Linda will deliver your branding and marketing materials to you 2-3 weeks after she receives your questionnaire (or if you opt for just the interview, 2-3 weeks after the interview). You'll then edit together until you're completely happy with all of the documents.

Do you offer expedited services?
At times, when her schedule permits, Linda does offer expedited service for a fee. The caveat being that she will only expedite in situations where it is possible to give you the same level of personal service that makes her the best in the industry.

Do you provide samples of your work?
We do provide samples of our resumes, bios, and letters to qualified potential clients upon request.