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Executive Bios
Executive Bios

At Imagemakers, Linda understands that the way you tell your story to others (as well as yourself) matters in a big way when it comes to career success. That's why a great Executive Bio is a proven personal branding tool that enhances your ability to achieve your career goals.

Our Executive Bios are a more sophisticated, complementary document to our executive resume that tells your career story in a third person narrative.

Executive Bios
It's the best personal branding tool by far to approach C level executives, board members, investors and other high level decision makers.

A great Executive Bio makes a fantastic leave behind at interviews and recruiters love them. Your Executive Bio will go into more detail about your career, background, and accomplishments and generally runs a little longer than your resume in length. Linda's clients love her bios due to the favorable impression they make on key decision makers.

We've always maintained that our resumes capture their attention and our bios close the deal. This accentuates the fact that Linda helps you remove the limits on your ability to succeed in your job search by helping you articulate your unique brand and breakthrough the barriers that can hold you back. Give Linda a call today at 800-546-1543 and see just how great your personal story can be when written by the best in the business. You won't be sorry you did.