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Executive & Professional Resumes, Bios and Career Coaching

Truly Remarkable Resume, Bio and Career Coaching Results

At Imagemakers, we're much more than just the best resume writers in the business, we provide you with comprehensive, integrated career services that result in quick, successful and rewarding job/career transitions for executives and other top level, high earning professionals.

Our innovative, personal branding and marketing approach to job hunting has yielded a 99% success rate for our clients, which is no coincidence given our over fifteen years experience and expertise in career services. Additionally, our personal marketing materials, web portfolios, LinkedIn profiles and career campaign strategies can cut your job/career search time by as much as 80%, maximizing your search efforts and gaining you thousands in wages and benefits.

Our strategy and process is distinctive in that we develop tailored, powerful executive and professional resumes customized to tell your unique story and value proposition in a way that highlights your strengths, hides your weaknesses and markets you in a persuasive, compelling way to hiring authorities, decision makers, executives and recruiters.

Simply put, our career services will facilitate finding your new position faster than you ever imagined possible while gaining the best compensation package obtainable. We're proud to have helped well over a thousand successful clients from across the U.S. and Internationally. Call now or email us your resume for a free evaluation/consultation and kickoff or jumpstart your job search today.

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“When I got ready to leave the Government after over 30 years, I started my corporate job search. I spent months, and only got mid-level tentative bites. I hired Linda (partnered with her is a better description), and she totally revamped my CV, resume and other documentation...and rewired my thinking. After I brought Linda onto the team, I got IMMEDIATE hard bites, and within 3 months was a new Vice President of a good-sized company. Using her sage counsel, I've since moved on, and am now the President & CEO of a great company. I would never have been half as successful without Linda. I can't recommend her highly enough...the results speak for themselves.” - Jim Kuiken (via LinkedIn)

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